Olustee Public School
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Elementary Softball/Baseball vs Blair and Navajo
By Chantilly Garcia
On Tuesday, May 7th, sometime in the morning the Olustee-Eldorado elementary softball girls and elementary baseball boys will play against Blair in Blair. Make sure your children have everything they need for the games.
Then the next day on Wednesday, May 8th, in the morning the Navajo elementary softball girls and baseball boys will come and play here at the Olustee- Eldorado softball field.
Parents are more than welcome to watch their kids play softball and baseball, and the players will be happy if everyone comes and supports them and cheers them on.
If parents have any questions you can call the school and talk to Coach Smith, Coach Fixico, or Coach Roberts.
They will be glad to answer your questions.

Elementary Track Meet
By Sarah Heyden
On Wednesday May 1st, 2019 Olustee-Eldorado Elementary will be attending the track meet at Blair Public Schools. The track meet is for students in grades fourth through sixth. Students from surrounding schools will also be participating in the track meet. Some of those schools include Duke, Navajo, Tipton, and Blair. Students need to bring a lunch to eat at the track meet or money for the concession stand. Students will also need to make sure and stay hydrated because it will be hot and we want to make sure no one gets hurt. Another thing students need to be sure to bring and wear is sunscreen.
Students will sign up and participate in a number of events such as long jump, 50 yard dash, 75 yard dash, 100 yard dash, water balloon toss, relay race, and tug of war. Students who win first, second or third place will be awarded a ribbon. Students will need to get with their teachers to find out what time they are leaving the school in the morning on May first.