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April Softball & Baseball Games
By: Kallee Reyes
April will be the last month for Olustee-Eldorado Lady Diamondback softball and Diamondback baseball. On April 4th-6th the high school boys will play in the Granite tournament.
On Monday, April 8th the high school girls will play in Erick at 4:30 and the junior high boys will play against Frederick in Olustee at 5:00.
On Tuesday, April 9th the Lady Diamondbacks will play against Tipton, in Olustee at 4:30.
On Thursday April 11th the Lady Diamondbacks will play in Granite at 4:30 and the HS Boys Diamondbacks will play in the Blair tournament throughout the 13th. On Monday, April 15th the Lady Diamondbacks will play against Snyder, in Olustee at 4:30 and the high school Diamondbacks will play in Frederick at 5:00.
On the 18th-20th the Lady Diamondbacks will be playing in the District Tournament, we are not sure who or where they will be playing yet but it will be announced once we find out.

Sarah Heyden’s Ambassadors Interview
By Chantilly Garcia
On April 2, 2019 Sarah Heyden attended an interview to apply for an Ambassador position at Western Oklahoma State College. Sarah turned in an application along with two letters of recommendation and a copy of her transcript then was called back for an interview.
For her interview she had to make a slide show about her life and present it Meghan Martin along with others from Western Oklahoma State College. The Ambassadors play a big role in college life as they recruit other students to join Western and also give tours of the college. They encourage students to be involved on campus and they attend lots of on-campus activities.
The process of joining the Ambassador program is a long process. They first look over your application. Then if you are called back for an interview you’re still not guaranteed to be an Ambassador. If you receive a call back from the interview you then have to go through “Boot Camp” which is a series of team building events to see if you are a good leader. Then the Ambassadors will be chosen based off of that. We wish Sarah all the luck throughout this process.

By Sarah Heyden
Olustee-Eldorado traveled to Weatherford to attend a SWIM meet. A SWIM stands for Southwest Interscholastic Meet. This is where students from all over the state of Oklahoma participate and take tests over different subjects to see who can score the highest.
Nineteen students from Olustee-Eldorado took traveled to SWOSU to participate in SWIM and take tests. Some students even participated in multiple tests. Some of the subjects tested over included English Lit, Geography, Algebra I and II, Biology, AG, and English (Grammar), Spanish, Financial Literacy, and Accounting.
Students left Olustee-Eldorado Public School at 9 a.m. and got back home at 6 p.m. All of the students who tested put their best effort into the test and represented our school well. Everyone is proud of the Olustee-Eldorado Diamondbacks.
Following is a list of the students who went to S.W.I.M. and the results

Kariann Morse, Biology II, 12th of 19

Frankie Garcia, Personal Financial Literacy, 11th of 30
Sarah Heyden, English Lit, 9th of 32

Laney Gobeille, English Usage, 9th of 45

Rhey’lyn Sanders, English Usage, 17th of 45

Laney Gobeille, Spanish I, 9th of 24

Kariann Morse, Spanish II, 10th of 17

Hilda Bautista, Native Spanish I, 1st of 13

Harley Hernandez, Algebra I, 17th of 56

Breanna Russell, Algebra I, 22nd of 56

Brooklyn Bernal, Algebra II, 13th of 44

Tristan Corker, Algebra II, 19th of 44

Kariann Morse, Geometry, 16th of 40

Serena Walker, Geometry, 18th of 40

Lucy Ovalle, Chemistry, 9th of 32

Cassidy Villalovas, Chemistry, 11th of 43

Alexis Carman, General Science, 14th of 41

Breanna Russell, Oklahoma History, 5th of 24

Lucy Ovalle, American History, 14th of 29

Serena Walker, World History, 10th of 22

Rhey’lyn Sanders, Civics, 6th of 13

Joseph Stafford, Geography, 10th of 17

Connor Adams, General Technology Ed. I,10th of 18

Hunter Welch, General Technology Ed. I, 11th of 18

Anthony Moore, General Technology Ed. II, 5th of 14

Congratulations Students on a job well done!