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Basketball Girls Christmas Party
By Sarah Heyden

On Sunday December 16, 2018 the Olustee-Eldorado girls’ basketball team had Christmas party. Some of the women who have graduated Olustee Public school in the past are going to attend the Christmas party. The basketball girls are very thankful for the older girls who have graduated coming to their basketball games, scrimmaging them, and putting time and effort into letting them know they are supported and important. The Graduated Ladies help out the Lady Diamondbacks very much.
The Lady Diamondbacks will meet at the gym on the 16th and then go to the cafeteria for a meal together. Some girls may need to help out and bring a side dish or a dessert but they can ask Coach Roberts to be sure if they need to bring something and what they need to bring.
They will also do a gift exchange. Each girl is going to buy a pair of Christmas socks and fill them up with little gifts and goodies. All of the girls are very excited for the Christmas party and are very thankful to Coach Roberts and everyone else who helped put it together!

Many games in December
By Chantilly Garcia

Olustee-Eldorado Athletic high school boys and girls have been really busy this mouth with regular season basketball games and with a couple of tournaments.
The Olustee-Eldorado Diamond-backs have had games all week except Wednesday. They also had games on Monday and Tuesday the 17th and 18th before Christmas break.
Thursday, Dec. 13, the Olustee-Eldorado Diamondbacks played Mangum in the Mangum Festival. Friday, Dec. 14, they played Hollis in the Mangum festival.
We are thankful for all of the parents and teachers that come out to support us. The Olustee-Eldorado Diamondbacks thank each and every one so much for the support. The coaches appreciate it also.

Olustee-Eldorado HS Boys vs Corn Bible Academy
By Morgan Bernal

The Olustee-Eldorado high school boys played against the Corn Bible Academy on Friday, December 7, in the Granite ‘Best of The Southwest’ Basketball Tournament. The starters for the Diamondbacks were Nathan Chabot, Cody Leonard, Hayden Tipton, Angel Ramirez, and Jayden Mefford.
In the first quarter Nathan Chabot made two free throws and 2 baskets, Cody Leonard scored two shots, Hayden Tipton made two 3 pointers and Angel Ramirez made 2 free throws and two baskets. The Crusaders made two 3 pointers and a free throw and 3 shots in the first quarter.
In the second quarter the Diamondbacks scored four 3-pointers, one basket and four free throws. Corn Bible had six shots made and five free throws.
In the third quarter the Olustee-Eldorado boys scored 4 shots and two 3 pointers. The Crusaders made 6 shots and three free throws.
In the last quarter the Diamondbacks made 5 shots and made 8 free throws. The Crusaders made 3 shots and four free throws. The final scored of the game was 74-55, the Olustee-Eldorado Diamondbacks with the win! Way to go Diamondbacks!!


The Class of the Week for the Week of December 10-14, 2018, is the Freshmen Class. Class members include front: Breanna Russell, Harley Hernandez, Jonathan Almanza, Anbrya Corker, Donald Johnston, and Alexander Belshe. Middle row: Tabetha Willis, Delaney Gobeille, Rhey’lyn Sanders, Rayna Ramirez, Madison Garacia, Anton Simmons, and Mr. Hoover. Back row: Sapphire Lightfoot, Efren Flores, Tyler Adams, Nicholas Wright, Juan Bernal, and Hunter Tipton. Not pictured: Mar’Kayla Castillo
Faculty of the Week
Mr. Syd Hoover
Congratulations! This is your week to be honored. You are a very important part of our community and we are proud of you. Our thoughts are with you.
Have a Great Week!!! – Moms in Touch


The Class of the Week for the Week of December 10-14, 2018, is the Third Grade. Class members include: On the ground: Mrs. Adams, Laura Chabot, Anthony Moncada, Stephen Abbe, Isaac Morales, and Fabian Rojas. One the equipment: Madison Weber, Layla Bernal, Layla Rubio, Jayden Villegas, Gale Mitchell, Gracey Mitchell, Jojo Spaulding, Damian Sperry, and Ari Lopez. Not pictured: Jamey Johnston
Faculty and Staff of the Week
Mrs. Jaime Adams and Mrs. Lori Hayes
Congratulations! This is your week to be honored. You are a very important part of our community and we are proud of you. Our thoughts are with you.
Have a Great Week!!! – Moms in Touch

Christmas Santa Letters
Here are some Santa letters from the first and third grades that were written before we left for Christmas break. These letters are typed exactly as the students wrote them so please do not be too upset by the spelling.

Dear Santa
I have good I wut a buk for Christmas and I wut a rul dog and a eshl.
From Kiley

Dear Santa
I have ben good for Christmas I wut a stuff agl.
(letter was not signed)

Dear Santa
I have been good LOL bons books craz are sufstarmie loand lofo white papres shushy balls for Christmas
From Bella

Dear Santa
I have been good. For Christmas is sum sem and a paly house and a bum bal mshen, and a ril cat and a LOL doll, and a ril dog, and a friend, and a stuff enumls, and a mucke, and a little macke, and a little scrashe
From Prissy, Love Sata

Dear Santa
I have been good. I want a bike and a doll and a LOL doll and a dog and a cat and a toy bird and a dres and a baby and a pusil, and a now perr of show.
From Holly

Dear Santa,
I have bin good. For Christmas I waet a dragin toos I waet a babe hoos. I waet a dog
From Lexi

The following are letters from the Third Grade:

Dear Santa
I read the Wild Christmas Reindeer. I want a fitbit watch because I can call my mom.
Love Ari

Dear Santa
I want a teddy bear

Dear Santa
We read the Wild Chrismas reindeer. I want a rocking hors for Olivera

Dear Santa
We read the Wild Christmas Reindeer. The toy I want from the story is the Oranges to gave to people.
P.S ty
Love Layla B

Dear Santa
We Read The Wild Christmas Reindeer. I would like Christmas tree cookies For my family to eat on Christmas day.
Love Gracey

Dear Santa
I read the wild Christmas Reindeer. I want a puppy stuffed animal. Because I love anything that is a related with puppies. There is two things that are not in the book a real puppy and a phone!! And my brother has been really nice to me so give him a good gift please. I have been good this year!
Love, JoJo

Dear Santa,
I want books because I like to read and I read the Wild Christmas Raindeer.

Dear Santa
I read the Wild Chmstmas Reindeer and I want one of your stuffed animals. And a big red bike with training wheels, please. And some slime
Love Stephen

Dear Santa,
I read the Wild Christmas Reindeer I want books because I like books and I want Xbox 360 Hot Loud

Dear Santa
I read The Wild Christmas Reindeer. I won’t from the book the books because I realy love reading.
Love Madison

Dear Santa
We read The Wild Christmas Reindeer, the toy I want from that story is zoo animals. Iwant that toy so I can play zoo. Also I want a big real lif pet dog (stuffed)
From Layla R

Dear Santa
We read The Wild Christmas Raindeer. I want cookies cause their yummy
Love Isaac

These were all the Santa letters I received before break so if you wrote a letter I’m sorry that I did not get it in order to put it in the web site.